Stop Sweating Frequently Asked Questions

The information contained here was sought from many web sites and forums on the internet, as wellas from books, and I thank all those that made their information available to me. 

A similar popular sweating home remedy to the 3 step, stop excessive sweating plan has a lot said about it.  The FAQ below is based on all that information plus my own common sense.


“What about the odor?”

As the sweating diminishes, so should the stink.  The important thing is to find a good deodorant, NOT antiperspirant, that covers the odor very well.  If the natural type deodorants aren't strong enough to do the job, find a man made one that will.  The problem of odor control is also covered more fully on our other sweating remedies page.

“How long will it take to work?”

From reading around the internet, two weeks for some, but most take around a month or two. 


"Help, it's not working"

Don't panic, it can take a while to stop the excessive sweating. 

Many reviewers bag this type of   plan, because they're not cured in 2 weeks, which isn't giving the stop sweating plans long enough to do their job.  Also, the method is called stop EXCESSIVE sweating, not normal sweating.  Normal sweating is necessary for your body to maintain good health, so we don't want to stop sweating, as such.

 However, if it's been two weeks and  you aren't seeing any improvement at all, try using a different loofah sponge.  Changing to a different deodorant.  Make sure you are using the loofah sponge correctly.  See if you can find a more pure soap.


“Everything is easy, but using the loofah, can you help me more on using the loofah correctly?” 

I learnt this from an online beauty forum :)

Using the loofah sponge is a bit harder.  Remember, no more than 10 seconds per body part, using gentle circular gentle rubbing motions. 

Rub too hard and you'll damage the skin, possibly irritating the sweat pores with the loofah. 

Obviously, if it's sore and tender, use pure soap and give the loofah sponge a rest until your bady part, probably your under arm, has had time to heal - just rub a littler gentler next time.


“What happens if I miss a day with using the loofah sponge?”

Nothing!  If you miss using a loofah sponge in the shower, you just set things back by a day.  Using the loofah is not like using a medicine, missing a day wont hurt your immune system or anything.

The loofah sponge works by removing the dead skin cells and any grime that may be blocking your sweat pores, causing your sweat pores to over work.


"Are there other ways to detox the skin pores?"

 Yes, but they are not very nice.  Normally you use herbs to create a total body detox.  I did this once myself, when I was a teenager or young adult, many years ago.  The horror still lives with me.  Everything seemed to be going fine for a few days, then the body odor from all my sweat pores, all over my body, started to become noticeable.  The odor became so offensive that I stopped the detox, but it took about a week for the stink to subside completely.

I never could get that stink out of my clothes and ended up throwing them out.

Any good health food store or herbalist should be able to sell you the stuff you need for detoxing, but I forewarn you of what happened to me.

If excessive sweating and odor control is already a problem for you, this may not be a wise move, unless you're a hermit in the Andies mountains.

“What's compensatory sweating?” 

occurs when one has surgery to remove the sweat glands from a hyperhidrosis ( excessive sweating ) body part.  In effect, the body sometimes finds another area to pump the sweat out of.  If the body does this, it is defined as compensatory sweating.

Other areas the body may pump excessive complimentary sweating out of, include the feet, hands, stomach, back, groin and forehead.  Some find that taking out one area, causes complimentary sweating in one or two other places.

If you have compensatory sweating, then, whether this stop excessive sweating strategy will work becomes a little more iffy.  However, on the basis that you may have irritated all of your body sweat pores through soap etc, then using our detox strategy may prove beneficial.  So, don't give up on the loofah sponge.


“What's Primary Hyperhidrosis?” 

Primary Hyperhydrosis definition: Excessive sweating that starts in childhood or in the early teenage years and is considered to be caused by a genetic condition.  Unlikely to be cured, but may be managed and controlled quite well. 


“What's Secondary Hyperhidrosis?” 

Secondary hyperhidrosis definition: Excessive sweating  caused by other conditions, such as disease processes.  Take care of these other processes and the hyperhidrosis will likely be cured.


Where did this stop excessive sweating home remedy come from?


That is quite difficult to answer.  I don't truly know.  One reviewer reffered to specific person, but the previous owner gave a different account.  I find the steps mentioned all over the place on the internet.  The only difference is, I spent the time to understand it, so that I could it put it together into a more meaningful whole, with more detailed information.

But, I hope you like the version of this popular home remedy that I put together here, you'll find it mentioned on forums, web sites, blogs and social networks all round the world - one of the big differences is that I allow the use of pure soap and take a different hollistic approach, in that I see the whole skin surface and sweat pores needing to be detoxed, not just the offending body part that may be excessively sweating.


“Where did these fanastic photos come from?”

From several photographers, who have allowed me to use their images on this sweat relief web site.  Specifically:  Dmscs (lady in boxing ring), Julesinky (girl in red and blue), Pieter Vleu (girl in yellow), and Ecceroni (lady in red).  Why only female photos? There weren't really any male sweat type photos on offer.  The other photos and pictures I own, except for the gold toy.