Stop Sweating Products that may help, and suggest you consider:


Here are the products that have been found useful in controlling and treating sweating, when using our simple  stop excessive sweating plan and our other . 

These stop sweating treatments are cheap, and should do the job first time round

A small investment, that may really achieve your stop sweating goal.  Plus what ever postage and handling is to where you are.

These stop sweat products have been clearly labelled with the aspect of sweating that it can prevent or reduce.  The idea is tailor your selection to meet all your sweating symptoms.


Stop Sweating Products and Aids

For real  Sweat Control, suggest 3 sage leaf 285mg capsules twice daily (total 6). 

For Sweat Odor ControlCalcium, Magnesium and Zinc combination tablet. 

A natural and organic deodorant stick for masking stinky sweat ordor.

If stress is one of those triggers for your excessive sweat, then Chamomile Tea may be very helpful.

If you suffer from insomnia, this is causing physical and psychological stress, which may cause or add to your excessive sweating.  Amazing Sleep Plus was the page 1 article of the Life and Health section of the 06-05-2008 Florida Today newspaper - a natural sleep inducer for a good night sleep (the pill, not the newspaper).

To help free up the sweat pores and get the toxins out that may be causing your excessive sweating, a loofah sponge is invaluable.  A Loofah Sponge lasts about 1 month or so.  The 8 " common cylinder loofah sponge is relatively common and can probably be sourced cheaper in your local shopping center, however, the loofah back sponge is rather rare and hard to come buy - haven't seen them commonly available anywhere.