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Well, several books, but this first book seems a really good book.

Help! I'm sweating - is a great book from


Review of "Help! I'm sweating!"

176 pages on understanding and controlling excessive sweating.

Excessive sweating affects 3% of people, and it affects them in many ways.  From their job, to dating, to family, to friends.  Excessive sweating undermines one's self confidence and makes one feel ill at ease.

Excessive sweating is also called by it's medical term, "hyperhidrosis", and may affect  parts of the body or all of the body.  For my son, for example, it was excessive sweating of his hands.

The cause is almost invariably related to the functioning of the sweat glands, which can be affected by many different things.

Excessive sweating has many treatments that can be pursued to achieve a cure or some relief.

 Treatments for excessive sweating may range from topical applications, such as creams, to drug therapy or even surgery.

"Help! I'm sweating!" covers all of the above, as well as a special type of excessive sweating called "bromhidrosis", which is also known as "fetid sweat" - smelly, stinky sweat.

"Help! I'm sweating!" was based on medical research and experience, and may well be able to help you find a cure or relief from your excess sweat.

 Also some stop sweating ebooks to consider:

For $44.95 Apparently the original ebook that has been updated over the years.  Comes with money back guarantee.

For $27  Loaded with suggestions and ideas to stop your excessive sweating. Guaranteed to work or your money back.

For $47  14 days to having your excessive sweating problem solved, or you get your money back.


Why use the simple 3 step plan for excessive sweating?

Our stop sweating plan to stop excessive sweating, is based on cleansing the sweat glands, as  sweat glands can be affected by the drugs and ingredients in soaps and antiperspirants.  By exfoliating and gentle cleaning, we are trying to restore the sweat glands to their proper functioning.


Why buy the book "Help! I'm sweating!" ?

 If you are serious about getting your excessive sweating under control, then you really need to seriously look at buying this book - and reading it - to give yourself the best chance of stopping your excess sweating. 

Life wasn't meant to be easy, but why make it harder than it has to be.  A paltry few dollars and you may well be .



 Other Reading material YOU may find BENEFICIAL

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Hi, If you buy any of these, how about a review to let others know how useful the material was for understanding or controlling excessive sweating?

Thanks, Donald.