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The Fight

Excessive Sweating?  Hyperhidrosis?

I know, I've got two kids with the problem

My son has hyperhydrosis of the hands - excessive hand sweating - medically diagnosed.  Another of my sons has hyperhydrosis of his feet.  Another of my children has hyperhidrosis of the armpits.

It's genetic, and comes from one of the grandfathers.  Skipped a generation and got my kids.

So, when I came across this information on excessive sweating / perspiration, I just had to buy it.  I've also modernised and updated the contents, to make it more understandable and user friendly.

My son doesn't think it will help with his hyperhydrosis of the palms of his hands, so wont give this sweat relief cure a go.  Mores the pity, as I think it will work.  What can I say, he's a teenager, but I have other for him to consider.

Interestingly, the other night, after he took the photo of the loofah sponge for this web site, he asked if he could trial the loofah sponge!  So I said "Yes".  So, hope to have some benefits to report within the next month or two.

Man with sweating underarms and a peg on his nose

What he doesn't know, is that I've still been scouring the internet for a stop sweating treatment for him, and on my other  page ... well, I'm going to line him up for some .  With any luck, that'll fix his sweating right up.

A day later, have the sage tea, expensive stuff from the health shop where we live. 

My son is eager to try the sage tea when his hands get bad.  He's so accustomed to the hand sweating that he feels his hands are un-natural when they don't sweat.  Things feel very different with non-sweaty and dry hands.

My other son is also now wanting to try the sage tea.  Interestingly, we didn't know he had a problem with sweating feet until he came down with another foot problem.


Anyway, my son with hyperhidrosis of his hands, his hands sweat so much, that just using a computer mouse is a major hassle for him.

He tried buying one of those special fan mouses, that blow air through the mouse, to try and control his excessive hand sweating.

Unfortunately, although the computer mouse was a good idea and helped him alot in keeping his hands from sweating.  For some reason, the thing repeatedly stopped working.  I think it may have been drawing too much power.

Anyway, my son stopped using it, and now wears thin cotton gloves when using the computer.  The thin cotton gloves does contain his hand sweating quite well, and all he does is throw them into the wash afterwards - the gloves, not his hands  :)

He came up with a very simple remedy for his hyperhydrosis of his hands - at least as far as using computers go.

If you also suffer from hyperhydrosis of the palms of your hands, then either of both of these two sweating strategies may  prove beneficial when you work with computers.  At least you may have two options you didn't have before.


With courage, you too can help stop your excessive sweating.

If you take up the fight, you can stop excessive sweating too.

"Why on earth this simple 3 step sweating treatment would work for your sweaty hands?"

In case you're wondering ... well, your hands are being constantly exposed to chemicals in soap, and we need to try and detox the hands to try and correct the sweat glands - bring the sweat glands back to normal functioning.

Sweating hands present a unique difficulty to our detox strategy, as, they have to be kept spotlessly clean after going to the toilet and such. 

But with our sweat relief treatment, what you may be able to do, is use soap that is as completely natural, non-chemicalised, non-scented, non-colorized as you can, when washing your hands. 


Avoid the antiperspirant soaps as well, as they, in particular, can be a cause of your sweating hands, or perhaps keep the sweat going. Follow through with the other steps and with any luck, your problem of sweaty palms may be gone forever or at least relieved a bit.


Anyway, if you suffer from hyperhydrosis, or other sweating problem, and use our stop excessive sweating plan, please get back to me with your experience:  How did our three step sweating cure work for you?


Hyperhidrosis is a common condition that afflicts countless thousands of teenagers and adults around the world.

Just from visiting one forum, I read how it affects everything from dating, going to work, chosing clothes, going to school, rejection by opposite sex ... the countless horror effects it has on life.

It is really disturbing, how a natural body function can cause so much grief and hardship.  I nearly cried when I read how one poor girl had to seperate her wardrobe into two parts, the one she wanted to wear, and the other, the ones her hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) forced her to wear.  How she lost her boyfriend ... disturbing stuff.

Hopefully our free stop excessive sweating program will help all that find it.