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The Stop Sweating Plan

 3 steps to stop excessive sweating

You may be able to stop excessive sweating, by getting the poisons and toxins out of your skin and sweat pores.  Detox the skin in other words.






If you follow these steps exactly, you too may have your sweat problem cured.  As easy as they are, you still have to do everything exactly right, or it may not work, or only work partly.  You need to choose the right loofah and the right deodorant, to get the best stop sweating results. 

>Woman with sweating chest - sweating neck and sweating breasts

To find out, just start with the first stop excessive sweating step and read on.  Every step is fully explained and loaded with the information you may need to stop your sweat problem NOW.

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Rationale of these stop the sweat steps

Many older children start using antiperspirant deodorants and soaps.  It's a sort of the "I'm grown up, growing up" stage or around the 10 to 12 year old group, particularly in girls, where they get to smell nice as well without having to use the more expensive perfumes.  I know this, because my daughter went through this phase, along with her friends.  Teenage boys tend to jump on the badwagon a little bit later, but for them it's more, I better stop being stinky - again, I know, because I've raised several boys as well.

Anyway, antiperspirants may do some nasty things.  They can cause rashes on the body part they are used on, make you feel unwell, expose the sweat pores to chemicals they were never designed to deal with and they close down the sweat pores to stop the sweating.

For some people, the antiperspirant may, in effect, toxify the sweat glands, which in turn may cause the sweat glands to overproduce to get rid of the toxins - can you see the viciuos circle?  The more antiperspirants you use, the more you sweat, and the more you sweat, the more you use the antiperspirants.

The purpose of these three steps is to detox the sweat pores and to keep them well, so that they will function normally, rather produce excessive sweating.

Even if this strategy doesn't stop your excess sweating, it should help your skin considerably, make you feel a bit better about yourself and help with some sweating relief.

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