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A good sweating cure can eventually return the self confidence, joy and serenity back into your life.

Stop excessive sweating and end the embarrassment it causes

3 simple steps may stop your excessive sweating forever!


But, before you continue with any of the remedies you find on you need to see a doctor for two reasons at least.

The first reason is that you must make sure the suggestions you find here are safe for you.

The second, is that excessive sweating can be a biological wake up call that you are really sick, but just don't know it yet.  You may have low blood sugar, diabetes, liver disease or some such. Also, menopause can cause excessive sweating.

So it's really important to find out why you have excessive sweating, to work out the best treatment for you, and your doctor or health professional is the best one to do those preliminary checks and tests that you may benefit from.

>Young lady perspiring all over

Excessive sweating can also be be caused by emotional factors, such as psychological stress in social situations, or by excessive worrying.

To treat excessive sweating caused by such emotional factors, you can practice a meditation technique, deep breathing relaxation, and thought control techniques.  All may help reduce you stress sweating. 

You could also try chamomile tea or lemon balm tea, as they can reduce your feeling of stress, thereby  reducing your sweating.

Very importantly, please read every word on this web site, make sure you don't miss a single trick or vital piece of information.  Controlling your sweating, well, why make it harder?

Now, onto the Stop Sweating Plan.  You can actually find these steps on many web sites around the world, the difference is that I have melded a great deal of information together and around them and changed them, to form into one of the most informative and user friendly resources on sweating.


With this plan, The Stop Sweating Plan

 you may be able to stop your excessive sweating.  You can read The Fight and see what I found and why I am interested in excessive sweating.

"The Fight" has changed considerably.  Obviously, the last owner had his story, but mine is quite different.  Whereas he was enthralled by the stop excessive sweating treatment, mine is more based on the need to meet the needs of my growing children. 

Stop under arm sweating using our simple three step approach 

It is actually quite sad when you read forum posts by so many young people and teenagers and adults that have this excessive sweating problem.  Excessive sweating is certainly a malody that can destroy the self confidence of the young and not so young sufferer.

Excessive Sweating and Hyperhydrosis are Potentially Life Saving


On a brighter side, did you know that hyperhydrosis and other sweating conditions can also  be caused by a genetic variation. 

Although you may curse that cause of your sweating now, that genetic variation may do lots to help your blood line survive during times of extreme heat, such as what may occur with global warming. 

The excessive sweating is an extreme cooling system designed by God and natural selection to cool you down and help you stay alive when others are dieing from heat exhaustion around you.  Provided you have the water supply to keep your self sweating, you will do well in the coming heat waves, while the rest of, perhaps, pass from existence, with our inefficient sweating.

Matter of perspective:  During higher temperatures, people who sweat less may be condsiderd to have the sweating problem!

BUT, you have to live now and that means coping with your body sweating now.  So read on and, hopefully you will find this free simple cure to your sweating problem, really works.

Is it sweating or excessive sweating that we are trying to stop?


Sweating is normal, it is how the body cleanses garbage out of itself, as well as cools itself.

Excessive sweating is not considered to be normal.  The body produces way too much sweat for it's needs.

When sweat is overproduced, it can make one feel an outcast, alone and unlovable.  BUT, like most bad things, there are ways to get round things, and that's what I hope you will find on our web site, ways to solve your excessive sweating, stop your excessive sweating.

If the Stop Sweating Plan doesn't work, check out the page. 

The vast majority of sufferers should find at least some relief from their excessive sweating, if not the cure they always dreamed of, on this site.  Read it all!

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