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Other Stop Sweating Remedies

Other stop sweating remedies I have come across

"As ive tried botox, strong deodrants, tablets and even an operation and none of this worked for me it breaks my heart toi think i might have it forever" from

From much reading, I've found that there are many remedies, medical and other wise that may help you to stop excessive sweating.  No one method appears to work for everyone.  To some extent it is a matter of trial and error, and keeping hope that something will eventually show up.

If our stop excessive sweating plan doesn't work for you, take heart in the following suggestions.  This page is possibly the best and most important stop sweating page I have on

Young lady bothered and perspiring all over

The more un-natural stop sweating treatments

Botox, also known as Botulinum toxin, is a toxin that has been found to have some beneficial effects on the human body.  When it comes to controlling excessive sweating, the  injections into an area will last about six months, around 3 to 9 months if you look at the individual variations, and some report their excessive sweating stops while the botox is having it's effect.  Botox is a toxin and requires medical supervision, but some sufferers of excessive sweating swear by it.

Antiperspirants are liekly the most used group of treatment for excessive sweat control.  Some people report a brand works for them, while others find it useless.  Again, this comes down to trial and error.  If you are going to use an antiperspirant, the active ingredient is going to be aluminium based for the most part, so chose ones with the most active ingredient in them.  Even try changing to a different aluminium based active ingredient if you find one doesn't work.

Driclor is an antiperspirant with a difference, it's so strong and loaded with active ingredient that you can only take it once a week, but that once a week application is enough to keep the area dry for a week.  Some excessive sweating sufferers have found Driclor a life saver.  Driclor is used for excessive sweating of the under arms, hands and  feet.    Driclor's active ingredient is Aluminium Chloride Hexahydrate USP 20% w/w (185 mg/mL).

Drysol  is aluminum hydrochloride in a lotion, and is applied to the hands to stop them from sweating.

  Anhydrol forte, is by prescription, you need to see a doctor to get it.  You apply it to the underarms, maybe other affected parts with excessive sweating.  Teenagers and adults are reporting mixed results.  Works fantastic, stops the sweat for some, but not for others.  Avoid under arm shaving until things settle.  Anhydrol forte can cause stinging on cut flesh.  Most things probably do.

Hydrocodone is a drug of addiction, but appears to stop excess sweating.  Only to be used under medical supervision, only suitable for non-drug addicted persons with no history of drug adiction.

 Robinul or Robinul Forte has also been found by some excessive sweating sufferers to be brilliant in stopping the excess sweating.  It is a prescription drug and, like most prescription drugs, can have side effects.  Do discuss with your doctor.


Hyperhidrosis surgery - surgery for excessive perspiration


Surgery is extremely iffy.  Everything I've found so far says THIS IS A NO GO.  Excessive sweating may be stopped on the afflicted body part, but complimentary sweating is often the result as well.  Complimentary sweating is where another part of your body starts sweating instead.  Complimentary sweating can occur anywhere on the body, but particularly the feet, groin, hands and stomach. 

One lady had the surgery done for her hands and thought it was worth the problem of complimentary excessive sweating from her feet and stomach, but the excessive sweating a few years later returned to her hands, but the complimentary sweating did NOT go away.  So the surgery for excessive sweating left her much worse off.  She was not happy and said avoid this hyperhidrosis treatment at all costs. 


Diet, Lifestyle and Excessive Sweating

 Sage has been  found to reduce sweat production by over 50%, and is approved by the German government as a means for controlling sweating.  Take as a tea, or via sage leaf capsules. This is the common variety of sage - Salvia officinalis - otherwise known as white sage. Drink two or three cups sage tea daily - tea bag type infused in boiling water, then the liquid chilled and then drunk.

 Relax, take deep breaths, helps slows down the heart rate and reduce the sweating.

Chamomile Tea can also help control sweating by reducing anxiety, if anxiety or stress is the cause of the sweating of course.  2 to 3 cups Chamomile tea daily, steep the tea for 15 minutes before drinking.

Lemon Balm Tea can help reduce sweating by helping to induce a better night's sleep, thereby reducing the body fatique and psychological stress, assuming you have insomnia that leads to or causes sweating.  Directions vary widely, follow the directions - around 2 to 3 cups daily, steeped for 15 minutes before drinking.

Foods high in sugar can cause excess sweating.

Caffeine can cause excessive sweating by it's stimulant effect - so avoid stimulants like coffee and tea, to help stop your sweating.

Exercise to produce sweat, so that the body doesn't feel the need to produce more.

Increase the magnesium and calcium in your body, under medical guidance - doing so often helps to reduce excessive sweating.

B vitamins have been found beneficial in supporting the nervous system, so taking them may help to reduce the the body's perceived need to sweat. 

 SEVERAL Stop Sweating Ideas:  "Reduce your salt intake, take a mild laxative alternate day, perform Yoga, Avoid pungent food, exercise regularly in the morning which will drain out the sweat before you take a bath and there will be very little left-over sweat."  from a post in


Sweating Odor Treatment


For the smell, such as in fetid sweat, magnesium and zinc may reduce any sweating odor

Dandelion and burdock (both tend to be blood purifiers and diuretics - removes toxins and increases urination) can also help with sweating odor, but it is new use for them, one I am not familiar with, so cannot offer doses - well not for a little while anyway.



Remedies for excessive sweating Conclusion


Well, quite a few remedies for people to try.  Will add more as I find them.

Always remember to check things out with your doctor or Health professional, to make sure they are going to be safe for you.

Good luck, and I sincerely hope your hypohidrosis becomes controlled.

All the best,