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Step #1

Only use PURE soap, to help stop excessive sweat.

Stop using soap if you are serious about stopping your sweating

 That's right, soap and soap products may be part of your excessive sweating  problem. 

Soap is now so full of chemicals, made out of so many ingredients, that soap is possibly causing your sweat glands / pores to excessively sweat. 

How can soap cause excessive sweating? 

Agitation - if any of the ingredients used in the soap are toxic to you, or if you are even slightly allergic to just one ingredient in the soap, your sweat glands aren't going to like it, and may react by producing excessive sweating - the very thing you are trying to stop -  to rid themselves of the agitating substance.

So, that's right, just use the very basic most natural soap you can find.  Pure soap - normally yellow in color, no added ingedients, like scents, colorings, nor antiperspirants.

When using soap, remember that the loofah is used after you use the soap.  This helps to encourage  the sweat pores to be recleaned a bit after the soap has maybe clogged them or agitated them.   By using the loofah after the soap, rather than before or with it, you are doing the best you can to regenerate normal sweat pores and glands functioning.


The deep cleansing of skin and sweat pores - Step #2 - the amazing loofah.

Continue with 2nd Step

This is a bit out of keeping with common practice, that recommends using the loofah sponge with exfoliants or with the soap, but the loofah sponge is being  used here to clean the pure soap off the skin as best as possible, as well as to gently and slowly remove the toxified skin cells.

We are cleaning the whole body, not just a particular affected part. 

Make sure to carry pure soap with you, if your hands have a problem with excessive sweating, so that you can avoid the chemicalised soaps in public toilets and the like.

Anyway, move onto the next step in stopping your excessive sweating, once you fully understand this one.  Results aren't guaranteed, nothing really is in life, that's life, but these stop sweating steps are something worthwhile to try I think.

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