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Step #3

Quit using antiperspirants, if you are serious about stopping the sweating 

To help stop sweating, stop using antiperspirants 

Antiperspirants for the hands, feet and under arms, are the ones designed to try and shut your sweat pores down. Doing so may actually make your excessive sweating worse, as they may cause the sweat pores to become blocked and damaged and loaded with chemicals that agitate them to produce more sweat - excessive sweating

Over the years, rightly or wrongly, antiperspirants have been linked to anything from cancer to general unwellness.  Fact is, antiperspirants have some pretty strong chemicals in them, and it is possible your sweat glands may not like them, or become agitated by them.

Instead of using antiperspirants to attempt to control your sweating, for the under arms anyway, use deodorants instead, they are normally the ones that attempt to mask the odor.  AS they allow the sweat pores to function normally, sweat normally, the sweat pores will more than likely clear out any blockage and wont become as loaded with agitating chemicals.

Yes, you have probably tried these deodorants long, long ago and given them the flick as being useless for your under arm sweating. 

You were a teenager, doing a sport or PE class, and thought, "I need to stop my sweating, these under arm sweat marks are totally uncool."  You thought you were going to be joked about or something.  You tried the deodorant stuff, sure you smelled nice, but the wet marks were still there.  So you then decide to go onto the antiperspirants - with the thought, the more the active ingredient - aluminium - the better.

Now, I am suggesting you need to look at deodorants as the better product, as they allow your under arms to start sweating normally again, thereby relieving your under arms of the need to sweat excessively.

  To check to see if the roll on, spray on or stick you are using is a deodorant or antiperspirant, just check the active ingredient label on the item.   Antiperspirants normally have aluminium in them and this active ingredient is there give away.  Propylene glycol is normally listed as active ingredient in deodorants.  So telling them apart is normally easy to do.

So that's the three simple steps to stop excessive sweating, but keep moving onto the other web pages and find out even more!

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